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Sold Horses

Each year, Sarah Lockman helps between 30 and 40 owners find their dream horse.  

If you would like to become another one of Sarah's happy clients, and have her help you find your perfect equine partner, visit the Sales page, or contact Sarah directly through our contact form.

Below are just some of the horses Sarah has helped connect to their new owners.

Schoolmaster For Sale
Dressage Horse Sales
Prix St. Georges Horse For Sale
Sold Sales Horse
Sarah Lockman Sales Horse
Elvis Trot
DjTrotbest - dressage horse
cici - dressage horse sales
Juan - sold dressage horse
Dressage Horse Sales Orange County
apollo dressage horses for sale
Dalana - dressage horses california
Sarah Lockman Dressage Horse Sales
Dressage Horses California
California Dressage Horse Sales
rio - Dressage Horse Sales Californi
wesley Dressage Horses
Banner California Dressage
Dressage Horse Sales in California
Dazzle dressage horse sales
Zivemmo dressage horse sales
Dos - dressage horse sales
Dubly Sarah Lockman Dressage Horses
Lucky - dressage horses california
Destino Mio - dressage horses
Batino - dressage horse sales
Indigo - dressage horse sales
Diva - dressage horses for sale
Leo young dressage horse for sale
horatio dressage horses california
Bolardo dressage horse sold
Walter dressage horse sales
Sunny dressage horses for sale
Nestle dressage horse california
Lunar dressage horse california
Falcon - dressage horse california
Gracie - dressage horse california
Ella - dressage horses for sale
Bubbles - california dressage horses
Poli - dressage horses
Lover Boy - california dressage
Scotty - california dressage sales
Pedro - dressage horses
Luck - dressage horse sales
Kira dressage horse sales California
Gaea dressage horse sales
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