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Elite Equine Management

Sarah Lockman Dressage is proud to include an extraordinary array of services for her clients.  They include:

Vitafloor Whole Body Vibration Training - Vitafloor is the original equine vibration therapy system, and it is used daily at SLD.  From warming up horses prior to work under saddle, to improving horses' circulation and helping prevent injury, it's an essential part of the training package Sarah Lockman Dressage offers.

Q-Line Horse Solarium The solarium is useful in warming a horse's top-line before work.  It stimulates blood circulation, increasing muscle elasticity and generally improving condition and performance. It's also a great option for drying the horses more quickly in cool weather.

Dr. Don Vrono - Southern California equine veterinary medicine.

Dr. Don Moore, Equine Chiropractic - Equine chiropractic is directed toward keeping a horse at optimal health and performance by ensuring proper alignment of the vertebral column and all major joints.

Lori Johnstone, Veterinary Acupuncturista licensed Veterinarian who has been trained by the Chi Institute to perform Veterinary Acupuncture. Dressage horse are  asked to perform movements such as collection and bending which can cause muscle stiffness and soreness while they are developing strength.  Acupuncture can relieve this discomfort, as well as preparing horses for optimal performance at shows.

Margo Jolly, certified farrier -A graduate of Oklahoma Farriers College, she has devoted 38 years of farrier service to the sport horse, and has worked on many Olympic and world class horses during her career. She treats each horse as an athlete, and works closely with the veterinary group and other team members to ensure the highest level of hoof care.  With a primary focus on form to function, her goal is to ensure optimum movement and long-term soundness.


Jenny Sommers, pulsed electromagnetic field therapyThe therapy produces electromagnetic pulses that treat pain and inflammation.  Jennifer Sommers was trainedby Deedee Weinstein, the premier PEMF operator at Santa Anita and Del Mar race tracks, and is entrusted with providing PEFT therapy for many of the World Class race horses.

Tammy Cox, Tammy-N-Touch - Tammy provides therapeutic massage to Sarah's human clients. Tammy obeserved how many competition horses benefit from massage, while their human partners did not. Recognizing that both are athletes, Tammy offers services to help ensure that the rider as well as the horse is in top physical shape.

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